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Tani turtle neck long sleeve

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The Tani Turtle Neck Top is a winter favorite among our customers. It is crafted from the incredibly soft and breathable micromodal fabric, which provides exceptional comfort. You'll hardly notice you're wearing it, thanks to its lightweight and comfortable nature. The neckline of the top has been significantly improved since the original design, featuring a firmer fit and a double roll neck for added style and warmth.

Available in sizes 10-18, the Tani Turtle Neck Top comes in a range of classic colors such as black and French navy, as well as seasonal colors that may vary from year to year. The regular style is a bodyfit design, meant to hug the body and is typically worn as a base layer beneath a top, jumper, or dress.

Embrace the cozy and stylish Tani Turtle Neck Top, a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe for its superior comfort and versatility.