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Tani long sleeve marle crew neck top

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Tani's High Neck Long Sleeve Top, part of the Bodyfit range, is a fantastic option for colder days, offering increased coverage and warmth compared to the scoop neck top. It is crafted from the same exquisite micromodal fabric that Tani is renowned for. This top serves as an ideal base layer, allowing those who cannot wear woollen garments directly against their skin to comfortably layer them over the top. Additionally, it works wonders under sleeveless tops or dresses, providing a snug fit that effectively keeps out winter chills. 

Tani offers a long sleeve crew neck in marle fabric. This version provides a warmer feel compared to the original Tani fabric. It is perfect for winter, offering a beautifully soft and warm sensation against the skin. The marle fabric is slightly more expensive due to its enhanced warmth and premium quality.