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Tani long legging plain

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Tani's Long Legging, a part of their Bodyfit range, is an excellent choice for cooler days. It is crafted using the same beautiful micromodal fabric that Tani is renowned for. These leggings are specifically designed to provide warmth during winter and can be worn effortlessly under dresses, skirts, or jeans. In fact, some customers adore them so much that they even wear them to bed!

Compared to traditional tights, Tani leggings offer far greater comfort as they don't sag or drag. They pair exceptionally well with socks and boots, making them a versatile wardrobe staple. Please note that color availability may vary depending on the season, and certain colors may not be displayed.

The fabric composition of the leggings consists of TENCEL Modal and Micro Air fiber. These fibers are derived from certified, responsibly managed wood sources, ensuring sustainability throughout the production process. Moreover, the fabric is designed to provide long-lasting softness, further enhancing the overall wearing experience.