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Noble Wilde

Possum market day jacket

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The market day jacket is a firm favourite. It has a generous collar to keep the neck warm, a full-length zip and pockets - what else could a girl ask for? The fabrication is 50% merino, 40% possum, and silk/nylon 10%. Because the possum fur is hollow, it insulates against the cold and is up to 50% warmer than traditional wool garments.

The market day jacket comes in sizes 8-20, and this season we have chosen the charcoal and maritime. There are other colours available, depending on availability, so don't be afraid to contact Ravir and we will do our best to source your request.

Possum/merino garments can be hand-washed in luke-warm water, and may be placed inside a pillowcase and put through a gentle spin to get most of the moisture out. These garments dry fairly quickly. They can also be dry-cleaned.