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Noble Wilde

Possum long-line women's coat

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The Noble Wilde longline coat is a luscious way to look fabulous and stay warm as toast. Made from 50% merino, 40% possum, and 10% nylon/silk - this is the ultimate in comfort and style. Possum garments are light as a feather, so the longline cardi won't drag you down. Wear with abandon, it's made to be enjoyed, and to keep you warm.

Possum/merino can be hand-washed in a good wool detergent on a gentle wool cycle, or hand-washed in luke-warm water, rinsed and placed in a pillow-case to put through a gentle spin. This will get most of the moisture out so it doesn't weigh the garment down. Easily dried indoors, and best draped over a rack to dry.

The coat comes in sizes 8-20 and can be worn open, or worn with a belt.