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Noble Wilde

Noble Wilde women's plain possum crew neck

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The plain jersey is a loose fit style with high neckline and rolled hem. It's a neat garment which offers superb warmth and lovely styling, and can be worn under the longline cardi, or a vest. Sizing is from 8-20. We have chosen the tui colour this season, as it's a beautiful shade of teal/blue. Just what we need to lift the spirits on those cold dreary winter days.

The fabrication is the same high-quality composed of 50% merino and 40% possum, with 10% of nylon/silk to help the garment keep its shape. 

Washing instructions are described in the garment - either a warm hand-wash and rinse, and a gentle spin in a pillow case, or a delicate wool wash in the machine. You can drape the garment over a rack to dry inside, or place outside but avoid strong wind or full sun. Possum/merino stretches a little during wear, and loves a wash to bring it back to shape, but don't it generally doesn't need to be washed after each wear. Small spills can be gently sponged to remove any food spills, as this will help keep the moths away. It's also okay to have the garment dry-cleaned.