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Noble Wilde

Men's Vickers possum sweater

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The Noble Wilde Vickers possum sweater features a button up rib collar and is a beautifully warm garment for those miserably cold days. Possum and merino are a wonderful combination, and together make for a garment which lasts, and which holds its shape. Noble Wilde uses a combination of 40 per cent possum and 50 per cent merino, with the balance either silk or nylon which work to help the garment keep its shape.

The Vickers sweater can be dry-cleaned, or hand-washed in luke-warm water, then placed in a pillowcase and put through a gentle spin to get most of the water out. This saves any drag on the garment, and allows you to place on a flat surface or dry on a rack indoors. When storing over summer, it is best to keep this knit in a calico bag to repel moths and silverfish.

The Vickers sweater comes in sizes S-2XL. The garment displayed is for display only, the actual colour is shown in the colour swatch.

If well looked-after, this jumper will last for many years.