A few weeks ago, a very different kind of sock from New Zealand arrived at Ravir. Our initial impression of these socks was that they looked bulky and unenticing, but the first customer to give them a try came back to us with his opinion. This is a man who has significant issues with his circulation, as well as problems with his back and feet. For him, getting his socks on and off was a daily battle. When we suggested this sock – known as The Foot Doctor – he decided to give it a try.

The Foot Doctor sock

A few days later he came back to purchase a second pair.

“The best part about these socks is they’re so easy to get on and off,” he said. “Not only that, but they stay up – and they’re very warm.”

The manufacturer of these socks – which are made from wool and something called TCP coolmax – lists their key features as follows:

  • The top of the sock is shaped to assist with blood flow
  • The TCP component is located on the inside of the sock for moisture wicking and comfort
  • The sock has a Y heal which helps keep the sole in place
  • The heel of the sock is thicker than the remainder of the sole, and there is arch support built in.

In our opinion, if you need socks that don’t restrict your circulation, and that aren’t difficult to get on or  off, it’s worth a visit to try these socks for yourself. They’re in stock now at Ravir in sizes from small to XL, and are priced at $29 a pair.

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